Nolife … I played the game … who or what is Nolife?


Probably you not once heard a word or term “Nolife”? You wondered also if you are not one of “them”? Non-stop in front of the computer and not only because going with today’s progress must subsumed under the term users of tablets or smartphones ?!


Nolife is a man totally dedicated to playing the above. equipment or spending the lion’s share of their free time in social media (FB, Insta, Tweet .. etc.). I must admit that long wondered on this article, but staying at the idea reassured me Christmas. Yes Christmas! The time you should spend in a family atmosphere, a little madness, or the purchasing food.

Unfortunately, in many homes it looked differently … Instead, we compile a joint for dinner was, you took mamoooo charger? aaaaaaa next level in Tibia! Kasia went to dinner, because it’s not on FB! Chris mows hay on his Farmerama, and I have already corn (one would like to shout “WTF?”) There are many examples … Sad but true, because in many cases we lose to “real” life.

Each after Christmas should do a examination of conscience … How much time spent in front of his “hyphen” with the world, and how much of your loved ones? And the most important question, how much time you sacrificed today senseless browse facebook or youtube?

How many of you immediately after getting logs on FB? Checks whether one of your friends is not registered on Instagram, Tweet, WhatsApp, Viber etc? How many girlfriends or boyfriends at events add photos or videos to the network? All of these behaviors is well illustrated track Straho – CYFRONI (ft. Pokahontaz) “Addicted to click on icons, Addicted leafing through the pages.”

Okay , I confess – it is nice to watch how one of his friends provides beautiful pictures from a trip to an exotic country, but is not it better to meet with a beer or a glass of wine with his buddy and listen to the “live”? Rather than meet face to face with friends prefer to check their profile. We arrange a meeting through social media, rather than to himself call – it’s that simple.

I wrote this text unless two or three times, I do not count how many times it has improved, shortened, later wrote back again, because it really is a subject about which you can write a lot! I wonder about the fact that on the side of Uncle Google is so little articles about NOlife? What it comes from? One answer, which was the first I arises is PROGRESS. Technological progress.

New technologies are developing but also threats. People are more withdrawn in terms of contacts. Before writing I looked at various forums, watched friends and family, and / and most importantly – himself. The conclusions suggest themselves … each of us is part of the “deprived of real life.”