Spam … Spam … Everywhere, ubiquitous SPAM …


Spam? SPAM! At work … at home … on the phone, tablet or computer, and where else can you … is everywhere!

What is SPAM? TRANSLATIONS – unwanted or unnecessary electronic messages. The most common spam is via email … Some users experience spam in instant messengers …


The purpose of sending spam is to pass a large number of worthless to Internet users with the same content of information. Spam can be distinguished by the fact that regularly sent messages reach the recipient without his consent …

It is worth checking the Polish law of 2002, which says:

Article 10 1. It is forbidden to send unsolicited commercial information to a designated customer by means of electronic communication, in particular electronic mail. 2. The commercial information shall be deemed to be ordered if the recipient has given his / her consent to receive such information, in particular making available an electronic identifying address for that purpose. 3. The action referred to in paragraph 1, constitutes an act of unfair competition within the meaning of the provisions of the Act (…). For breach of this prohibition art. 24 is punishable by fine, prosecution occurs at the request of the victim. According to art. 4 If the law requires the consent of the recipient, then consent: 1) can not be implied or implied from the declaration of will of other content; 2) can be canceled at any time.


I do not know if you know, but email address once saved in someone’s email address database starts its eternal life …. It wanders from one marketing company base to another in the “lending” or selling ….



  • The first recorded spam network was posted by Einar Stefferd on May 1, 1978. He sent, using a complete set of email addresses on the ARPANET network, about 1000 emails with invitations for his birthday, which triggered a series of malicious and funny responses that blocked hard disks on the server’s first spammer.
  • Who would have thought that one of the most undesirable activities on the Internet its name owes to meat and Monty Python’s creations !!! The term SPAM was originally meant to be an abbreviation for Shoulder Pork and Ham – under the name hog meat 🙂