Gadgets for the car … hits and internet kits?



Special car gadgets – some of them are available for a small fee. Part of very useful and others completely unnecessary… about which anyway worth to write, because they can be a funny gift such as birthday, holiday … etc.


Car camera – eg for windshield.
This is an important aspect especially for people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, such as sales representatives, taxi drivers or commuters from other cities. Such on-board cameras are available in different versions and price categories. More expensive HD resolution, motion sensor or ability to provide the recorded video with GPS data.


Tire Pressure Gauges.
Warns the driver of improper tire pressure. It applies to tires of all types of motorcycles, passenger cars, off-road vehicles and vans, whose tire pressure does not exceed 4.2 bar. It is produced in 13 categories from 1.8 to 4.2 bar.

It is screwed in place of the traditional nut. Increases safety as low tire pressure increases braking distance and increases the risk of accident by 30%.


Loudspeeker sysetm
Are you on a journey and you must be available even while driving? In this situation, handsfree is indispensable. Your vehicle is not equipped with Bluetooth handsfree at the factory, and you want to use your cell phone, you can choose from many portable kits available on the market – such as the steering wheel, the windshield, the driver’s ear or the dashboard.9d90273066f09b253f645d55c65d2dcc

Car locator
We especially recommend to transport companies – With a GPS locator, you can set its location at any time to search for stolen cars. The device proves particularly useful in fleet management of corporate vehicles in large enterprises. They allow you to keep track of the location of any car or truck.


USB charger
There is probably no driver who would not know about this device. Chargers on the market are a myriad of cheap, expensive Chinese brands, branded, with a range of surge protectors, etc. Serving in one purpose as a cigarette lighter adapter to the most popular USB port.


And what gadgets do you use?