The need for personalization around us and objects is incredibly strong force that gives birth tuned vehicles, a variety of decorations for clothes, designer covers for smart phones or gadgets whose sole purpose is to amaze, to shock.

It is no different with PC. After the dissemination of the laptop market in consumer electronics stores began to appear more and more interesting subjects. In this article we present a list of 7 of strange and funny, so that no one goes to your hardware indifferently.

Skins Laptop


If you plan to upgrade the look of your equipment, a sticker on the laptop is the position number one. Currently on the market there is a whole cross-section of various skins of the many thematic groups.

We can pick between the skins in a colorful, geometric shapes, the fractals, their favorite superheroes, characters from fairy tales or motifs and occasional holidays. Wery popular stickers Stickerbomb or motivating bear inscriptions.

Speakers for laptop USB


Another interesting and often surprising, which umilimy not only the pleasure of listening to music from a portable, but also take care of visual experience.

A great alternative will be the speakers “crazy 70s”, speaker-shaped lamps office, wine bottles, speakers imitating mini-column sound system, or a jukebox. The choice is really huge, so everyone will find something that will fall to his liking.

A motion sensor


Motion sensors are also connected via the USB cable. When the sensor detects movement near your left himself laptop will beep, frighten, programmed to play on the music, or the poruszać- all depends on the gadget, what we buy.

This type of toy is a great way of spicing attack co-workers in the office or household. Toys with motion sensor can also be a great way to dish flick on the nose to the person who has notoriously poking.r.

Aromatherapy using a laptop


Electric smell mounted via USB? Why not! In the market we can really find a lot of different kinds of aromatic flowers. When connected to a laptop design using the built-in heater heats the essential oil or fragrance that we apply.

Your co-workers rarely use the shower? Or like from time to time to tease the nostrils pleasant zapaszkiem? Flower can definitely appeal to both ladies and gentlemen.

Pinwheel on USB


Windmills on USB may not be so strange that can connect to a PC, but the wonder in what ways can you buy them? The design fans – dogs or flowers in pots are just some suggestions. Working or playing in the hot days will never be so tiring, and at the same time fun.

Do you know other subjects? Share them in the comments.