Home office, or what was it like working from home? Remote work – rules worth following.

Home office, or what was it like working from home? Remote work - rules worth following.


Home office, as the name suggests, is work done at home, remotely, outside the company.

For the first time in the history of Polish law on the definition of remote work – it was done by the Act of 02/03/2020 (Polish prescriptions) on special solutions related to the prevention, counteracting and combating COVID19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (hereinafter: “Special Act”).

Pursuant to Art. 3 sec. 1 of the Special Act, in order to counteract COVID-19, the employer may instruct the employee to perform, for a specified period of time, work specified in the employment contract, outside the place of its permanent performance, i.e. remote work.

It should be noted and remembered that remote work should not be confused with teleworking, which, in accordance with Art. 675 § 1 of the Labor Code (in Poland) is a form of regular performance of work outside the workplace.

Unlike remote work, teleworking and home office require the consent of both parties to the employment relationship, in particular the relevant provisions contained in the employment contract.

Remote work, on the other hand, is a form of exceptional work, introduced on the basis of a unilateral order of the employer for a specified period in order to pursue a specific public purpose.

Rules for a good day plan at the Home Office:

1. Prepare your workplace. Remember to be in one room. To keep it organized, it is important to know what is where.

You don’t have to search for documents in different rooms – good organization is essential. We also propose an appropriate outfit, we do not write it in order to change into a suit or a suit, jeans and a clean shirt or blouse are enough, because we do not go to the office in “tracksuits” or in a bathrobe.

2. Always start the day in a similar way – the sequence is important in order to develop good habits: make a coffee before starting work, prepare a notebook / calendar, check if the pen or pen is not exhausted, etc.

3. It is worth setting the working time – we work from 7 am to 3 pm with a break for breakfast or lunch, during this time we try not to do household chores (because we usually do them after work as well).

50.8 percent of the respondents believe that performing professional duties at home is more effective than in the office. Over 50% of people notice that they are better organized. At the same time, 45% admit that they spend more time working in a home office than in the company’s office.

Changing the mode of operation to remote poses challenges for companies, but above all brings savings (lower costs of maintaining a fleet of cars, lower energy bills or time bills – no commuting)

Research shows that young workers have the greatest problems with remote work. For them, home office has the most stressful effec.

Young people most need feedback on their work and clearly defined opportunities for development or confirmation of a job well done.

In the office, they have the opportunity to exchange information and gain the knowledge they need for self-development. Work performed in the company community strengthens their sense of belonging to the group.

And you? Do you prefer remote or stationary work?