WHAT TO LOOK FOR? People working at the computer almost always use a computer mouse. Choosing the cheapest “rodent” or buying random mouse from the store – we risk continuing nervousness. Abnormally shaped mouse wrist fatigue and its indications are not precise. For this reason, it is worth to invest tens of dollars and buy a computer mouse, which will serve us for years.


Optical Mouse (shining) or laser?

Most inexpensive mice are available in stores, the models of glowing red light. The mice of this type are less expensive, but offer a slightly lower resolution models of laser and may lose the signal. This problem does not apply to more expensive models, where the possibility of squaring with what we have to offer laser pointer.

Mouse on cable or wireless?

“Rodent” with a cable, it is mainly models for the players and cheap for the least demanding users. On the other hand, the cable interferes with the pointer movement and can be damaged. If you decide to buy a wired, pay attention to the quality of the cable – should be equipped with a braid.


Mouse for intensive office work – what to choose?

Good computer mouse can greatly increase the convenience, especially if you use graphics programs and perform a number of commands that require clicking. Low quality after a few months will begin wiping, and if one of the pads underneath the mouse begins unnecessary wobble from side to side.

Intensive work is worth to buy a more expensive pointer, which will offer us, among other things:

Greater durability – the purchase of more expensive is economical because it works even a few years.
Accordingly, streamlined shape, which consists of both the amount of pointer and ergonomic undercut the fingers.

Longer duration of action on the battery or the built-in battery.
Reliability – in equipment with higher-end, much less likely to happen frustrating jams.
More buttons to which you can assign your own functions.

Very small adapter that practically does not protrude from the casing laptop. This way, you can safely move equipment.


How do you call your “rodents”? Recommend any in particular or like me you are “bound” for almost 10 years? ?

For the curious – the first of the “pointing device” was invented in 1941 by Ralph Benjamin.